You like many other people want to get more done in 2010. I tell people many times that sleep is my enemy. There are times when I do like to lay down but for the most part I would rather run at top speed for extended periods of time to get exciting projects done.

Well here we are, it is a new year, a time when a lot of people reflect on the past year and think ahead about the things they would like to see happen in the New Year.

Millions of people make New Years Resolutions at this time every year and statistically a few of those people will accomplish their goals and some will see progress. However, the great majority of people break their resolutions within the first 30 days. “Human nature” really does not expect to make it but many people are tired of “spinning in the mud” and want to see change.

They want to:

1. Spend more time with family
2. Improve my marriage
3. Improve my relationships
4. Make more money
5. Get a new car
6. Get a house
7. Have my first blog
8. Lose weight
and more….

We all know that without a real burning desire to accomplish a goal, a desire that will cause you to alter your daily routine, the likelihood of your success is not very large. If you know you have that burning desire for something better in 2010 and a strong distaste for staying in your current situation then consider the following exercise.

1. Get a piece of paper and a pencil.

2. Find some quiet time when you will be able to focus.

3. Write down your goals to be accomplished in 2010

4. Take each goal and set a reasonable date of completion. Set reasonable sub-goals that you will be able accomplish in a given time.

5. Make a plan of action. You need to identify what it will take to reach each sub-goal. For example if you goal was to become stronger, let’s say you wanted your maximum single rep bench press to increase from 250lbs to 400lbs by the end of the year, you would need to know what you should be able to bench press 3, 6 and 9 months to know if you are on track to reach your goal at 12 months.
You also want to make sure you have all the tools to be successful. Do you need a computer, voice mail, fax machine, email address, a domain name or something else. Before you begin, count the cost by thinking it through and this will insure a greater level of success.

6. Once you are sure you have a plan take the appropriate and most important steps to accomplish your goal. Many people, when not realizing immediate results, become discouraged but statistics show that many of them are right on the verge of success. I love the story of Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb. He was asked how he felt about failing over 900 times to invent the light bulb. Edison replied, “I have not failed 900 or so times to invent a light bulb but I have successfully proven 900 or so times the ways that it is impossible to make a light bulb.” (paraphrase)

7. Attitude will play a huge roll in your success so be positive and remember that you only lose when you refuse to stop trying.

Well there is more detail that I could write but I would encourage you to look into materials that have been professionally prepared to help people improve themselves. Brian Tracey is one person that I have listened to over and over and have seen great results in my personal life and accomplishments.

“Time is not on my side” said Mick Jagger, and I feel the same way everyday. So one of the most important things we need to learn is to manage our time and that is why I want to encourage you to consider this audio set from Brian Tracey.

21 Great Ways to Manage Your Time and Double Your Productivity

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