I ran across a post the other day on a site that proposed that two great affiliate programs were with Ebay and Amazon. I had never really did a lot with either of them seeing the cookies on Amazon are only 24 hours and Ebay does not pay per sale but per click. I just did not find them attractive.

It all changed last week. I had to buy tires for my 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring and if you know anything about that vehicle the tires are run-flat or PAX. This means when you need to change them it is over $400 per tire.

As I started to look for the best solution for myself I realized there was an opportunity here and so I employed one of the sites I mentioned above. I was able to start making money the same day and every day since there has been revenue.

I would love to know how some of you have used Amazon and Ebay to generate revenue.

A friend told me that he knows people that are getting over 2,000 clicks a day on Ebay at .15 per click. That is $300/day and I have to imagine it is fairly automated.

How do you use Amazon and Ebay?

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  1. I don`t mind being the first to comment, Bill, for that`s a great post! Keep up :)

  2. Natasha from SEO Company Los Angeles says:

    Thanks for this article, Bill! I haven’t tried working with Amazon or Ebay yet, but after reading this I think I just might have to. What steps did you take to get this easy revenue going?

    • billwynne says:

      Did I say Easy revenue? What I have found and anyone that is honest is that most of online marketing is work. Getting a site up is easy but knowing keyword research, on page and off page SEO and getting valuable targeted traffic… that is another story.
      I recommend finding a good 1, 2, 3 program and following it to the T without getting distracted with all the hype and sales talk that goes on. I don’t know the stats but I would say that a large number of people that say it is easy to make money online perhaps have never made money but have some thing to sell to you that will make you be able to do it. Even people that have graphs showing sales, they never tell you what their overhead was.
      Now you can make money online and I have been doing it for about 7 years but I would never say it is easy. You may luck into a couple good things but it is the exception.
      billwynne recently posted..Choosing a Personal Domain Name

  3. Alyce B. Bennett from business daily says:

    .Amazon is throwing a in response to a new tax bill recently passed by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and it could leave affiliate members in the state high and dry if it gets signed into law. A sharply worded e-mail sent out to Illinois based affiliates late last week makes Amazon s position on the matter quite clear.

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