Wow, what a struggle I have been having with my hosting. I have a number of sites being hosted on GoDaddy but I started to notice how slow they were.

I did everything I could think of from WP plugins, images, html code and other things to “clean up” the pages so I could get a faster load. Nothing seemed to be working.

I knew that a slow page load like this would cause some people to not wait and move on to another website. I did not want to lose the traffic and so I really put it to GoDaddy and it because clear that I was getting the run around from some of them.

I first realized my site was slow when I was using it but then I was running some site optimization software, IBP, and I love it. It has put me on page 1 with numerous keywords in a number of niche markets. Anyhow, it told me my server response time was slow so I also checked with an online website that tests website speeds and it was real bad… the website I used was

So the solution? Lose money? Nah… I switched my hosting to HostGator

Now it is lightening fast, from an average global load time of 23 seconds to 3 seconds.

Do you know how fast your server is responding? It is important if you want people to stick around your site.

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  1. Site loading time is really one factor that every site owner should consider. Godaddy is great for domain registration but not good for hosting.

    I am using Bluehost. And had no problem ever since.

  2. I’ve noticed slow results by using GoDaddy too. I thought it was just my internet, but sounds like it’s not. I’ll check out Host Gator. How long have you been using that now? Thanks for the review.

    • billwynne says:

      Been with Host Gator since I wrote this post. I have been very happy. Databases set up instantaneously and all.
      The customer service is not as good as GoDaddy. I think the people at Host Gator expect you to know more than the people at GoDaddy do.

  3. John Greer from domain name says:

    It was very informative post. Thank you for sharing this it was very clear where you are now and it will surely help me to make also my site move fast.

  4. Seems looking nice information. but i am having problem with my ERP site. it’s too slow.take so long time to log in.

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