dofollow nofollowYou know all those plugins and stuff that you try to install to make the comments author’s links dofollow? I think they’re very good and sometimes you should just use them, it depends on what you want.

But there’s another way of making you comments author’s links dofollow, directly from WP platform.

This post it’s not about whether is good or not to have dofollow on the comments but just How To and that’s all. (here is a post that includes information as to why you should change comments to dofollow)

Here is the process to make comment links dofollow from the nofollow default for WordPress:

Go to public_html/wp-includes/comment-template.php

Around line you should have this, or something like this:

$return = “$author“;

Just remove the nofollow from there and the links become dofollow.

Result should be like this:

$return = “$author“;

That’s all

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  1. what a lengthy and in depth article but full of useful information

  2. Luffie says:

    I got a virus in my computer, the virus randomly poops up websties when im online, or when i click on a link fro example a link from somthing i googled it send me to this ramdom pages. My internet explorer also keeps on saying that there was an error so it keeps shutting down. I already scaned my compuer several times and all it catches is a tracking cookie, It never picks up any virus. Also one of the sities that popped up was about norton popping up sites and had people’s comments of how annoying that was. It was a Norton site(wich pooped up too) I dont know if that is even relevant to this. Does anyone know what i can do about this, or how i could take the virus off? i dont wanna have to buy another antivirus? Please Help, my computer is even slower now and the sites are super annoying i cant even search anything either. Thanks guys I appreciate it [url=]santoramaa[/url]

  3. billwynne says:

    Luffie, I use a Mac and they don’t have any virus issues. Just consider that next time you buy a new computer. For now I would encourage you to download for free “Malwarebytes”. Google that and install it. Also get for free, “spybot”.

    So you have Norton on your computer?

    I would start with my two suggestions and if it does not help let me know.

  4. Ian says:

    This is great! I have wondered how to attract more comments and heard about this and was glad to find your post. I will give this a try.


  5. billwynne says:

    I have found out that it seems to attract more spammers as well but with the wordpress askimet plugin there is no problem. Let me know your results.

  6. Jacob says:

    Appreciate the post. Great site.

  7. Ian says:

    Thanks for posting this. It is very easy to follow and I will do it today for my site.

  8. LoneWolf says:

    Hi Bill

    Just one problem with your suggestion — every time you upgrade your WP install you run the risk of losing your changes. That’s why the plugins were made. They use a filter to process the output afterwards and are not affected by upgrades.

    If you don’t upgrade or are willing to go back in and make the change every time then this method is okay.

  9. billwynne says:

    You are right. When you do this kind of more advanced work you need to make sure you are organized and will keep the code you changed somewhere in case there is a glitch. This is not for the newbie by any means. Thanks for pointing that out.

  10. oky says:

    how can i change dofollow coments in blogspot??

    • billwynne says:

      Hi Oky,
      I am sorry that I can’t help with that. I have never used a blog platform that was not stand alone. I prefer to have control over my blog address so I can always move it to another host and keep it alive. I don’t mean to say that blogspot will ever shut down but there is always that risk. If you make it part of your livelihood then you really do want to consider going stand alone.

      I Googled it and it looks like this link should help Check it out here

  11. Awesome post! It really helped me a lot! Thanks for sharing it.

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