Anyone who is serious about Internet Marketing knows that implementing an article-marketing component to his or her strategy is absolutely necessary. Online Article marketing will build back links to your website, an integral part of off-page SEO techniques (search engine optimization) as well as increase your traffic. When I first implemented article marketing as part of my first launches it was exciting to see the traffic come to my site and the sales increase. This sounds good right? There are people that struggle with Internet Marketing for months and years. They have a great website but no one comes to it. Article Marketing is one solution to that common problem.

Article Marketing can be conducted in a couple ways:

  1. Create a list of all the Article Submission Sites: You can create a list of about 200-300 article submission directories, join them all by manually creating accounts and then manually submit your article to them all. Remember to get even better benefits you will want to rewrite or “spin” your articles to get even more benefit from them. Ouch…I tried this and although you may save some “money” you will use A LOT of time and in my life, “Time is Money.” I provide an article submission list on my blog if that is what you want to do.
  2. Use an Article Submission Program: With this program you will be able to save time in the submission process which, can become almost automatic but still requires that you spend time managing the program. You also need to create all the accounts although most software will already have a built in list. This takes time but nowhere as much as finding the article sites. If you want to use Article Submission Software I would recommend Article Submitter Platnium which is software that I have used and continue to use on certain projects.
  3. Use an Article Directory Submission Service: This is a great way to go and although there is a monthly subscription fee it becomes VERY nominal if you are going to use it regularly. They are in the business of getting articles out for people and know what they are doing. You write an article, submit to their site and sit back and watch the back links grow and traffic increase. I am not going to blow any smoke, you need to write more than one article. Some people have a goal to write one article a day while others get one a week. If you are starting up you will want to get articles out as soon as possible. Keep reading so you understand that you don’t want to just have a ton of articles published to a bunch of sites automatically.

So here are the main considerations when choosing an Article Directory Submission Service.

  1. Article Spinning – You can take one article and using your brain or software to spin the article you can get a number of unique articles from the one that you wrote. This will give you more back links with focus on a topic. Doing it yourself can be pretty quick if you are good at paraphrasing and have a good command of your language. There are article submission services that will “spin” articles for you as well. I use a service that uses Article Leverage Technology. This allows them to submit a different version of your article to their network of article directories.
  2. Article Trickling – If you submit an article to many sites all at once that feels good but if you build your back links too fast it is not natural and some search engines like Google will raise a red flag. The service I use has a system to let you choose to publish your article over a period of time. They allow 2, 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days. This will give a more natural build of back links to your site. This will also allow the traffic to not come all at once. This is good if you are doing any split testing on the page that the people will come to from your article.
  3. Pre qualifying an article – If you submit an article with spelling errors, verbiage that is too pitchy or other undesirable qualities you may get banned from article directories or they may just throw your article in the cyber trashcan. Once again the service I use is very “picky” and although that has upset me once or twice I now realize how valuable it is that they do that. My articles get accepted without any problem. This allows me to focus on writing articles instead of fixing them. Again you know it as well as I do, “Time is money.”
  4. Cost – There are article submission sites that will charge as high as $100 per article submission, ouch. I pay a very reasonable monthly fee that I do not see as an expense but an investment. The benefits just absolutely outweigh the nominal fee.

So that’s it. Now you just need to make sure you know how to write an article. That reminds me, I really should write about that. For now I sure you hope have a better idea about how to choose an article directory submission service for yourself. Choose your article submission tool wisely so you won’t be sorry. I learned in the school of hard knocks at the beginning of my experience but have learned over the last decade and hope to spare you the frustration.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Another post? Is this all you do Bill? I have used an Article Submission Program for my article writing. I looked at the service you recommend and it looks very reasonable. When I know I will be more consistent with writing articles I will look into an article directory submission service like you suggested.

  2. billwynne says:

    Sarah, You caught me on a busy night. I would like to submit something new to my blog everyday but this is not the only website I keep up and I have two daughters I like to play with and the olympics are on right now. My wife wanted me to watch the pairs figure skating, China took 1st and 2nd, Germany in 3rd and put an end to a 18 year streak of Russia taking gold! Anyway I would suggest you take a good look at the article directory submission services. You save a lot of time.

    To your success

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  5. [...] Wynne reveals his favorite Article Directory Submission Service on his personal blog and is giving away a free ebook about Article Marketing Secrets. Bill also [...]

  6. Alex Long says:

    i always submit to article directories to gain backlinks, most of them are free anyway ~

  7. Isla Watson says:

    article directories are very popular these days and i often submit new articles to them daily”*

  8. i always sumit to article directories to promote my website’.;

  9. I have used an Article Submission Program for my article writing. I looked at the service you recommend and it looks very reasonable.

  10. EverBlue says:

    Yes, it’s important to have the submission otherwise it will take you forever.

  11. Arizona SEO says:

    Hi, you’ve shared some great info on the value of articles and how to get them submitted efficiently. I have to admit, I learned a thing or two!
    Arizona SEO recently posted..10 Reasons Never to Promote Your Firm Based on Search Rankings

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