SpyFu – a great competitive research tool – gets you to the meat of powerful online information, the kind of information that lets you make a name for yourself in the same realm where others are struggling on their own. For those of you that like to spy on your neighbors window……here is your chance!

I had been thinking about buying a subscription to SpyFu a month ago. After all, that’s the one tool that gurus seem to agree is a potent competitive intelligence weapon (for those of you not familiar with SpyFu, this is an online tool that allows you to find out what the hottest keywords are, what your competitors are advertising on, and who is spending more in your industry). Most of the data is available for free, but the videos available on the site are more than enough to tempt anyone to try the tool. But the tool has enough merits to justify paying twice the price they are charging for right now.
As you prepare to launch your affiliate marketing business, questions such as the following ones might come up…..

• How much do my competitors spend to get traffic?
• Which keywords are right for what I want to accomplish?
• How big is this guy I’m up against?
• Are they just throwing money around, or are they following a system?
• When has everyone else ramped up their spending?

SpyFu will arm you with the answers for all those questions and will go further beyond. A month ago, I finally decided to jump in and see what all the fuss was about with SpyFu. Here is what you can get from SpyFu for free:

• Top 100 SEM Spenders
• Keywords with Highest Cost Per Click
• Keywords with Most Clicks per Day
• SEO Top 100
• Keywords with Highest Cost Per Day
• Top 100 Ad Buyers
• Biggest Changes in CPC
• Largest Budget Changes
• Largest Search Engine Shift
• Largest Cost/Day Changes
• Largest Clicks/Day Changes

So the good thing is that you can taste the information that you do get with SpyFu. But if you want the most up to date data with SpyFu and would like to extract every keyword under the sun that your competitors are using, then a subscription to SpyFu is a must.

What I like about SpyFu so far are the two items that I have in bold in the above list. By figuring out the keywords that are getting the highest CPCs, you can create Adsense campaigns to make quick cash with content heavy Adsense sites. And what about the all powerful clicks per day information! People think Google trends is hot. But don’t ever go blind into a market without doing proper keyword research and that’s exactly what this report show you. The latest information about the popularity of core keywords for your campaigns.

There is so much good stuff to talk about when it comes to SpyFu, but I strongly suggest that you watch the videos and find that out for yourself.

And don’t forget to check SpyFu U.K if you are running campaigns for that area.
Enjoy your…spying!

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  1. Steve Cross says:

    I use SpyFu and love it. I have friends that use it and have seen amazing results with their sites. I would have to recommend this for anyone that wants to build their business.

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