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Here we are with part two in the series of how to make your blog one of the most interactive blogs on the Internet. In part one we looked at the value of allowing people to comment on your articles, we considered allowing people to be emailed when someone replies to a commentators comment and we looked at making the URL in the name field a ‘do follow’ link. We also considered a plugin for social networks like Facebook and Twitter. One of the best WordPress plugins for this is ‘Socialize’ or ‘AddtoAny’.

Now lets cover a few more items that will add more interaction to your blog.

Have you seen an icon on a post that says “Tweet” and tells you how many Tweets a blog post has? This is another great WordPress plugin called TweetMeMe. This will allow people to Tweet your post on their Twitter account. This is interactive for them and more viral marketing for you.

Comment Rating
This is yet another WordPress plugin that will put a little green thumbs up hand and a little red thumbs down hand on your comments. This will allow people to simply click the green or red hand to applaud or deject a comment left by another. People just love to comment on other people’s comments, don’t they? This is a great asset to making your blog one of the most interactive blogs.

There is a WordPress plugin for joining a kind of site community. I tried this and honestly I did not like it but I am sure it is very appropriate for someone’s blog. People do love to feel like they are part of a private club.

If you are real serious about a particular topic and plan to be very focused you may want to consider adding a forum to your blog. This can draw lots of traffic and become a place where people will come to share and grow together. These can become like little communities and I am part of forums where we know each other and it is a great experience. Both communities and forums will creative interactive blogs.

Like I said previously, people like to comment and be heard. You can create an enjoyable and profitable exercise for people to do with surveys and/or polls. If you had a site that was heavily involved in Mac products now would be the perfect time to take a poll about the new Ipad. In a few weeks you could take a survey from the people that bought the Ipad and see how they liked it. This is another value tool to make your blog one of the most interactive blogs.

We are going to have one more part to this series and in it we will include some items that are not necessarily interactive but will help make the navigation more efficient and the productivity of your site much more valuable.

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  1. Steve says:

    Great series! You bring out some ideas I have never thought of. Does WordPress have a forum element?

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