If you market online and a good percentage if not all of your income comes from search engine traffic then you were like a lot of other people and nervous about the most recent Google Panda update.

You can read about the update online and find out all about it but let me boil it down for you.

Google wants to clean up all the websites that really don’t provide anything original or valuable. You know the kind of sites I am talking about, a couple pages, stuffed with keywords and if you read the content it is all sales verbiage with no real value.

The Internet has become like a vast junkyard and Google wants to keep those websites out of their search results or at least move them to the bottom.

This is really good news for people that like to offer valuable content to help inform people.

My personal traffic for this site tripled as a result of the update and I did nothing else to earn it. As a matter of fact you can see how remiss I have been for updating my blog while I continue to build content rich sites in the niche markets that I work in.

So if you are offering what you will read and hear over and over and that is VALUABLE CONTENT you will have nothing to worry about. Google wants to put those kind of websites closer if not at the top of the search engine results.

In short, the Google Panda Update is good news to those who are not taking shortcuts and trying to just make money with grey hat if not black hat methods.

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  1. Hello Bill ,

    im hosting my websites in germany and there is the google panda update not yet started. Im a little afraid because i own some article directories and they are even without panda not really traffic-riche.


  2. handy says:

    Other say’s they are affected because as what i have heard Google Panda or Farmer update is actually aimed at decreasing the rankings for the websites that were not of high quality. The sites that offer duplicate content, regenerated content, insufficient information, etc. are the main target and had experienced great drop down in their rankings.

  3. Hello Bill!
    Great article! It seems like a good update, hopefully it will do my sites good aswell.

  4. Abelina says:

    Google update panda has arrived
    at least I think so. from PR0 to PR3 *smile*

  5. Natasha from SEO Company Los Angeles says:

    The update has seemed to suit me and my website pretty well, actually. I’m glad it’s done the same for you! Do you think there will be any more traffic boosting updates coming up, or is this it for a while?

    • billwynne says:

      Not everyone got a boost so I am glad to hear that it worked in your favor.
      Some pretty big sites lost ranking and PR as a result so it is a serious matter if you are planning to be successful online.
      I don’t know of any more updates coming but I am sure they will come.

  6. Hi,

    I am just read these information ,i am happy to say thanks for share this topic.
    I do not know much about Google panda before read your topic.But now i realize that now i am know full details of it.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Yeah, but republishing sites using the spinnining software/bots to thousands of pages (sometimes even not comprehensible after republishing to fit SEO principles) outrank the original publications in searches. And human original authors cannot compete with bot-assisted thieves

    Google promotes clever bot-assisted content stealing and expensive senseless SEO technicalities punishing clever human’s original authors and human communication on the internet

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