pax systemAre you as frustrated as I was with the PAX system tires on a Honda Odyssey and are ready to get a DePax Kits so you can Depax?

Here is my story… (if you don’t want to be amused just skip to the bottom or click the following link)

=> Click here for the Depax Kits on Ebay < =

I was so excited to get that sweet ride, a 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring Model. I was excited until I discovered that to put new tires on it the cost was over $400 per tire and that these tires have a short lifespan of 20,000-25,000 miles.

Sure the car is safer and it is great if my wife and kids had a flat while they were away from the home but hasn’t that been happening since the Model A…?

I waited and waited to buy new tires and finally I found my van with a flat tire in the garage, a sharp stone had gone right through the rubber I had worn them down that much.

So on June 7, 2011 I had to figure it out.

So I Googled “pax tires”, “how to change pax tires” and some other things and called a number of mechanics but then I saw the term, “Depax” and then the term “Depax kits“.

I started to feel like I had found my solution…you would only understand if you had the same level of frustration as me…

It is important to know that if you are planning on depaxing you need to make sure you have:

    ebay depax
  1. The right rims
  2. The tire pressure monitors
  3. The right valve stems
  4. The right lug nuts
  5. The right honda rim cap
  6. The right size tires for the rims

You can see that it is not as simple as just buying rims…but it is that easy as you will see below.

Anyway I found 4 people to contact:

  1. Some mechanics in Massachusetts that were shipping depax tires ready to be put on your car but they are not doing this anymore, bummer. If you live in Massachusetts then you are in luck and their phone number is 978-263-3114 but you have to go in person to their shop.
  2. There was another website that was just selling the rims and gave no direction. The prices were not any better so why pay the same amount of money and be confused?
  3. There is a website college hills or something and they do have kits they sell and are very organized and I called and talked to them and they are very helpful. They will sell you the rims, sensors, lug nuts, valve stems and help to make sure you are ok but…
    You have to find a mechanic that will do the work with the sensors and ultimately I was going to pay about $1200+SH and then I had to buy tires and pay to have them installed. It would have ended up costing me about $2000 and endure some frustration.
  4. Here is the final solution and is the one I chose to do. I found a man named Mike from Southern California who is selling the entire kit on Ebay. You can pick out your rims and they already have the tires on them with the sensors, valve stems, lugs and he puts a tire on them that sells for $150 each online. Did I mention he ships for free and it is fast, just look at his feedback. Anyway this is what I did and it only cost me $1700. I will get the tires in a couple days and can simply put them on my van and go.

depax kitsI had to go with that last option to depax because it is easy, fast and affordable. The tires he uses are good for 60,000. I also called him on the phone and he called me right back. About 30 minutes after I made the purchase I got the FedEx tracking number. I was impressed.

This turned what was causing me stress into an experience that I can laugh about.

Here is a link that will bring you right to Mike’s ebay auctions so you can see the selection of tires that he has. There are 17″, 18″ and 19″ tires but you can get any of them you want because he calculates the height of the tire so everything is just like it was from the factory. He has a number of types of rims with his

so enjoy and get depaxed without a lot of stress.

=> Click here for the Depax Kits on Ebay < =


depax honda odyssey


Here is a photo of my Odyssey with the new rims and tires. I had the 11 spoke rims which had a more stylish look and these are more sporty but they are nice.

The ride is much smoother now, takes bumps softer. When I changed the tires it was amazing how much heavier the pax tires were.

Very pleased.


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