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You will notice that I am looking to “paint the old barn” as they would say.
With my schedule I may not be able to get my blog all neat and pretty but the information will be here and as soon as I can I will have things back to “normal”. Read more

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I ran across a post the other day on a site that proposed that two great affiliate programs were with Ebay and Amazon. I had never really did a lot with either of them seeing the cookies on Amazon are only 24 hours and Ebay does not pay per sale but per click. I just did not find them attractive. Read more

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If you market online and a good percentage if not all of your income comes from search engine traffic then you were like a lot of other people and nervous about the most recent Google Panda update. Read more

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Wow, what a struggle I have been having with my hosting. I have a number of sites being hosted on GoDaddy but I started to notice how slow they were. Read more

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It has been way too long since I posted on my blog. I have been refining and refining my niche marketing process and am really excited with the results. Over time things have really changed with PPC, Google and so on. Read more

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When ever you make a new post on a wordpress blog you have the opportunity to notify search engines automatically. People with websites can use pinging software and do some work manually.
It is important to have the right sites in the proper place. Read more

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Picking a good domain has a method to it and should not be done in a haphazard and random way. Here are eleven points that you should taken into consideration when you are choosing a personal domain name. Read more

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personal domain nameI believe that having your own personal domain name is very important and to illustrate I will tell you a story that happened recently. I remember being at my dad’s home last summer and talking about my siblings. My brother Blade was fortunate to graduate from Pratt University and went on to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) to get a graduate’s degree in Fine Art. He is really good and is passionate about art and will be very successful. I happened to be at the computer and so I looked up his name as a dot com domain name. To my surprise it was available so I write him an email right away telling him he had better buy it or I would buy it and sell it to him, lol. Read more

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Social Bookmarking is such an important part of a success SEO strategy and so I have posted this list of Social Bookmarking Sites Read more

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I felt the need to write this article about social bookmarking tools because I know how important social bookmarking all your sites is. Recently I was part of a webinar being conducted by a great Internet marketer and SEO expert about social bookmarking. He made the comment that you really should bookmark not only your website but all of your blog posts and pages. Of course almost all of my blog posts are article material as well and I use a service to automate the article submission for me with a submission time of 30 days so I don’t get too many backlinks at once. Read more

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